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Canadian Universal Life Insurance

Shopping for "the best deal" in Universal life insurance is a complex task. Due to the nature f this product and the variables involved in quoting it we do not provide Universal life insurance quote directly from this site.  We caution you to be wary of any site that does offer his information online.  Universal life insurance quotes tend to be highly tailored quotations that are very specific in design for Canadian consumers.  This product is very complex and we will be pleased to provide quotations for anyone wanting one and who contacts us directly.  Feel free to use email or call us toll free at 1-888-565-5315 anytime.  Avoid misinformation and disappointment by obtaining a direct Universal life insurance quote from us.

Universal life insurance can be applied to almost any concept and its applications are as varied as the options within the policy contracts.  It has the potential to be a significant tax shelter, but this benefit should be thoroughly understood prior to applying for the coverage.

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